1. Address: Kinsmen Club of Sudbury, P.O. Box 851, Station B, Sudbury ON, P3E 4S1. Telephone: (705) 688-0366.
    Email contactus@sudburykinsmen.ca
    Website www.sudburykinsmen.ca
  2. This contest is open to anyone over the age of 18 years except the: Showcase Chairman; Co-Chair and their immediate families living in the same household. Only 19,500 tickets will be printed with a maximum of 19,050 tickets for sale.
  3. Guidelines for purchasing a 3 or 6 pak are: All tickets must contain the same information • Only ONE method of payment • Only ONE mailing address • Only ONE envelope will be mailed containing all tickets. • Up to THREE names may be recorded on a ticket. Any dishonored payment for ticket(s) shall cause the purchaser to forfeit the ticket(s). The liability of the licensee of this lottery shall be limited to the purchase price of the ticket. Tickets can only be ordered and mailed in the province of Ontario.
  4. Purchase Deadlines; Early Bird purchase deadline is November 3, 2019 & Grand Prize purchase deadline is, November 10, 2019. In the event all tickets are sold prior to the Early Bird deadline the remaining draws shall commence immediately after the Early Bird draws. Tickets purchased before the Early Bird deadline will be eligible for all prize draws. After each draw, the winner is recorded and the winning ticket is immediately re-entered in the current and subsequent draw(s). The ticket drum will be spun two or more times after each stub has been drawn with the exception of the 60 3-paks & 45 6-paks of Showcase Tickets & 30 Prize Packages where the drum will be spun after every 5th draw. All draws will be made at the Showcase Home; 108 Hazelton Drive, Sudbury, ON.
  5. Prizes are awarded as indicated on ticket starting from top to bottom in each series of draws and are tax-exempt. All winners will be notified by phone & or in writing immediately following the draws. Kinsmen Club of Sudbury Showcase Chair is appointed the judge and his decision is final. Prizes must be accepted as awarded, no exceptions, substitutions or cash alternatives. A Cash option of $500,000 is offered for the Showcase Home and Bonus Package located at 108 Hazelton Drive, Sudbury, ON. The list of winners will be published in the Northern Life & on the Sudbury Kinsmen Website within 10 working days of the draw(s). Contestants accept these rules and agree to the use of their names and pictures for publicity purposes & you hereby give consent to the Kinsmen Club of Sudbury to gather & retain the personal information contained on this ticket. Prize(s) must be claimed no later than six months from the date of the draw. Unclaimed prizes will be reported and a charitable allocation will be approved by AGCO.
  6. 36th Showcase Sweepstakes is subject to all regulations under the Provincial Lottery License #11056.

Ontario Problem Gambling Hotline 1-888-230-3505