If I win the home do I have to live in it?

Once a home is awarded to the winner they do not have to live in it. Any prize won can be sold if the winner wishes to do so. In Canada lottery prizes are tax free and winners are not obligated to live in the home. You could choose to sell it immediately and incur no tax.

Is there capital gains tax on the property if I sell it?”

Winning real estate is considered a lottery prize, not a capital gain. Lottery winnings are not taxable in Canada.

Are tickets purchased eligible for all draws?

Yes, each ticket purchased is entered for each and every draw, provided the ticket was purchased before any draws commence. After each draw the winning ticket is returned to the drum and is eligible for all remaining draws.

How will I know if I won?

All winners will be notified by phone from the Kinsmen Club of Sudbury members about what they have won and how to claim their prize.

How and when will the winners names be available?

The winners list will be published on the Sudbury Kinsmen website www.sudburykinsmen.ca within 24 hours of the early bird & grand prize draws and in the Northern Life within 10 days after the draws.

Do I need my ticket stub?

No. Your ticket stub is just for your information. You do not need your ticket to claim your prize. Your name, address and phone number are recorded in the database along with your ticket number. But you will be asked for I.D.

Where do the proceeds go?

All profits raised go directly to the 2014 selected recipient charities.

Is my ticket tax deductible?

No. Prizes won are not taxable, therefore tickets purchased cannot be used as a tax deduction.

Can I purchase tickets over the internet?

No not at this time, a prize board must be valued at over a million dollars before we can sell online.

What is your privacy Policy?

The Kinsmen Club of Sudbury is committed to protecting your privacy. Personal information collected will only be used to fulfill ticket orders, provide future information on our lottery, contact prize winners & publicize names of prize winners. The Sudbury Kinsmen do not trade, rent or sell any personal information to third parties.